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Can you be the curator?

Updated Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Put yourself in the shoes of a specialist charged with the V&A's collections. Can you place a range of objects into the correct place in the museum? Try this interactive.

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Art Curators in Museum Select the image to get started

Thanks and Copyright

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following sources:

  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • Ossie Clark / Celia Birtwell
  • ARS, NY and DACS

Every effort has been made to contact copyright holders. If any have been inadvertently overlooked the publishers will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements at the first opportunity.

Important: *** against any of the acknowledgements below means that the wording has been dictated by the rights holder/publisher, and cannot be changed.

  • Deep Blue and Bronze Gold Persian Set. © ARS, NY and DACS, London 2020. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
  • The Boar and Bear Hunt, The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries, 1425-1430. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • The Garrick Bed, Chippendale, Thomas Sr, born 1718 - died 1779. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • Trouser suit, Clark, Ossie, born 1942-died 1996. ***(c) Ossie Clark / Celia Birtwell / Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


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