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Free course

Census stories: bringing statistics to life in Milton Keynes

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Census stories: bringing statistics to life in Milton Keynes
This free course brings national census data to life by highlighting the vibrant stories of the diverse residents of Milton Keynes. This ‘new town’ with an increasingly mixed population, serves as a rich case study for understanding demographic changes in ethnicity and religion across the UK. The approach can be applied in any local context. It encourages reflection upon personal lived experience and its relationship to the complexities of identity, ethnicity and religion, as observed in the census statistics over time.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the major recent demographic changes in religion and ethnicity in the UK as revealed in the national census
  • understand the overlaps and complexities of religious and non-religious identities
  • appreciate hearing a variety of perspectives and stories from people with very different life experiences
  • confidently tell personally meaningful stories in relationship to larger social issues.

First Published: 20/09/2021

Updated: 20/09/2021

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