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Getting started with German 1
Getting started with German 1

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6 Numbers 0-10

Before you carry on it’s useful to know some numbers. You need numbers of course in everyday life to say and understand phone numbers, or the price of something you want to buy, but they are also a good introduction to German pronunciation. You’ll find out more about German pronunciation next week.

Table 4 Numbers 0–10
0 – null 4 – vier 8 – acht
1 – eins 5 – fünf 9 – neun
2 – zwei 6 – sechs 10 – zehn
3 – drei 7 – sieben

Now listen to Audio 4 and read the numbers in the table above at the same time. Then listen again and say the numbers out loud. You can do this several times. If you wish, you can record yourself and then compare the recording with the original audio.

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Audio 4
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Once you feel more confident in saying the numbers, try to memorise them. You can do this in many different ways. For example, by counting the numbers out in German when you walk up steps, by saying your phone number in German or reading out loud the combination of numbers and letters on car number plates you see when you are out and about. Which numbers are particularly important to you? Maybe the number of your house or a birthday? Start with those and then try to use all sorts of numbers in German to practise regularly.