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Introduction to Arabic
Introduction to Arabic

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2.1 At-Tāʾ al-marbūṭah التّاء المَرْبُوطَة

This letter only appears at the end of a word, and it is written (ــة) when the previous letter is connected to the letter before, and (ة)when the previous letter is written separately from the previous letter.

The most important thing to pay attention to with regard to writing is that when a word containsAt-Tāʾ al-marbūah’ and is connected to a pronoun, the ‘At-Tāʾ al-marbūah’ turns into a normal ‘ت’ letter, but is still pronounced in the same way.

For example: سَيَّارة means “a car”, and when you want to say ‘my car’ you need to add a ي letter at the end, so the word should be written: سَيّارَتِي

You are not expected to learn the pronouns in this early stage, the focus should be on writing.

In terms of pronunciation, this letter is pronounced ‘هــ / H’ when it is in the last word of the sentence or in a single word, even though it is written without change.

Listen to the following audio to learn more about the pronunciation of Et-Tāʾ al-marbūah

Download this audio clip.Audio player: Audio 5
Audio 5
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١- سَيّارَة

٢- اشْتَرَيتُ سَيّارةً جَدِيدَة

٣- مَدْرَسَة

٤- زُرْتُ المَدْرَسَةَ القَديمَة

Activity 3

Timing: 15 minutes
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Rewrite the following words and connect ‘At-Tāʾ al-marbūṭah’ with the pronoun ي as in the example.


حَقِيْبَة حَقِيبَتِي

١- مَدْرَسَة

٢- طَاوِلَة

٣- وَرَقَة

٤- مُعَلِّمَة

٥ شَجَرَة


١- مَدْرَسَتي

٢- طَاوِلَتي

٣- وَرَقَتي

٤- مُعَلِّمَتي

٥ - شَجَرَتي