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Introduction to business agility
Introduction to business agility

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9 Pattern 8: Pop the learning bubbles – become a learning organisation

Your organisation will be organised into departments and silos. Humans are tribal in nature, and we need to belong to groups. The tribal instinct is not just to belong; it is also to exclude. This exclusion promotes the creation of social bubbles – whether consciously or unconsciously.

While social structures have positive effects, they also raise challenges – especially when it comes to knowledge sharing across an organisation. Much of this course has focused on learning and the need for knowledge sharing within organisations to spread information about new ways of working. If the silos/social bubbles of your organisation are too strong, then this will not happen.

Being a change agent means finding ways to ‘pop the bubbles’, to foster the spread of knowledge about improved outcomes and new ways of working. This can be achieved through, for example:

  • ‘brown bag’ lunch talks;

  • communities of practice;

  • internal conferences, events and awards;

  • internal mobility programmes (helping folks transition their role across the organisation);

  • book clubs; and

  • open spaces.

Popping the learning bubbles does not just apply within your organisation; it also applies across organisations and industries. Organisations can learn from each other and from their presence at external conferences and interacting with/listening to thought leaders.