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Author: Peter Wood

Climate Change Collection

Updated Friday, 24 January 2020
Supporting Climate Learning Week with learning and teaching materials about climate change.

Green Change: Climate Art Exhibit The Climate Change Collection brings together videos, short articles and podcasts from across the university. From the arts and humanities, to social science, education and STEM, it provides an introduction to the issues surrounding climate change. OpenLearn contains many more articles on environmental issues. You can navigate the site by subject area or by searching for key words in the search bar.   

Notes to teachers 

All OpenLearn courses can be downloaded as documents (PDF, Word, ePub, Kindle) by clicking into the course and going approximately half-way down the right-hand sidebar. Open University material can be re-used under creative commons copyright. See individual courses or articles for further details.

Registering for a free OpenLearn account will allow learners to enrol on a course and track their progress. Enrolment allows learners to return to the last page viewed in each session or lesson, and rewards learners who complete the course with a printable certificate of completion.    


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