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Free course

Analytical science: secrets of the Mary Rose

Free statement of participation on completion
Analytical science: secrets of the Mary Rose

This free course, Analytical science: secrets of the Mary Rose, teaches you about the analytical techniques that are used in the research and investigation of historical objects using the case study of the Mary Rose. It covers the use of sonar to locate shipwrecks, and the analysis of the artefacts found on the ship, and the crew and their remains.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • appreciate why and how scientific analysis can be applied to ancient artefacts such as the Mary Rose
  • understand how sonar surveys can be applied to locate shipwrecks and other objects buried under the seabed
  • identify techniques that can be used to ascertain the preservation state of artefacts
  • describe how bones and teeth can be analysed to investigate the origins, health, nutrition and activities of a deceased human being
  • understand how bacterial and chemical degradation of artefacts can be investigated and mitigated against.

First Published: 01/10/2012

Updated: 15/10/2018

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