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Updated Thursday, 24 August 2023

Discover the many faces of maths with our free learning resources - including courses, videos and games.

Mathematics is important across many disciplines: science, medicine, engineering, technology, communications, AI and Big Data, finance, economics and more. It is a fundamental tool enabling us to analyse and comprehend the world around us, and to solve some of the most urgent problems facing society in today’s complex world. 
Maths is a varied and broad subject which crops up everywhere and when you least expect it. See the patterns, structures, discoveries, applications and people of Mathematics in the resources below.
Play the Geobash game

Geobash is a retro game that shows some of the reasons maths is needed in video game design. Your job is to help the spaceship reach its target by bouncing off walls and obstacles. You can see how the underlying maths makes games like this work.


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