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Skills Support for Community Councils

Updated Wednesday, 7 September 2022

The Improvement Service and The Open University in Scotland are working together to offer all community councillors in Scotland the opportunity to learn new skills using free OU courses.

Following discussions by the Improvement Service with community councils across Scotland, we have identified some key areas where community councillors would like to improve their skills.

Using the OU’s free learning portal OpenLearn, we have provided links below to courses which will help people improve their skills in these key areas. The courses are free to use and you can do them at any time and at your own pace. You can gain either a digital badge or certificate for completing each course.

Many CCs have fully embraced the digital journey during the pandemic and there are courses here to help you continue that journey such as using Microsoft Teams and succeeding in a digital world. In addition to digital skills there are also courses on a range of other topics that community councillors have suggested including finance, fundraising, community and business skills.

If you have any questions about accessing these courses or other study options with the OU, please contact

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Digital Skills

Business Skills

Finance and fundraising

Community and society



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