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Migrant businesswomen and the census

Updated Wednesday, 3rd March 2021
Find out more about a new project looking at migrant businesswomen, comparing their presence in the latest available 2011 Census to that of 1911.

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A multimedia, interactive experience exploring the legacies of migrant entrepreneurs in Britain based on data collected from the Census.

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About the project

Laura Hampton The project will tell herstories of twentieth-century migrant women entrepreneurs by comparing their presence in the latest available 2011 Census to that of 1911. Six public engagement activities aim to uncover the legacies of migrant women entrepreneurs in Britain, and demonstrate the value of longitudinal, micro-level data that is collected through the Census. The project examines a century of change in three aspects measured in the UK Census: migration, gender, and business, and shows how art-based approaches such as storytelling can be used to communicate quantitative Census data. 

Project team: Dr Carry van Lieshout (The Open University), Gunjan Sondhi (The Open University).

Partners: ReWomen (Women of Management and Enterprise Network), CREME (Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship)


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