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Understanding Refugee Experiences: Refugee Week

Updated Sunday, 11 June 2023
To celebrate refugee contributions to the UK and promote a better understanding of refugee experiences and creativity, here are a range of resources from The Open University.

From free online courses and research on how refugees are navigating life during the COVID-19 pandemic, to creative and artistic projects in refugee camps, and with child migrants separated from their families, there is so much to learn. The Open University has a rich archive of material that we want to share with you – material created by, with, for and about refugees.

Understanding Refugee Experiences will be of interest to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the legal-political, economic and socio-cultural policies and frameworks that shape their lives. It also reveals the many  'small acts' of artistic resistance to marginalisation as well as the practical and creative expressions of solidarity networks. So if you are interested in the challenges facing asylum seekers, refugees and the undocumented as well as the many contributions they make to the UK, then take a moment to browse these pages and share them.

We all have much to learn from refugee experiences, especially at a moment when the global pandemic is disproportionately affecting minoritised and racialised groups and forcing us to reconsider who we are in relation to each other, what our responsibilities are as individuals, what community and solidarity now mean and to imagine better futures based on shared values of reciprocity, inclusion and equal rights for all. Find out more below.


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