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  • Contemporary Wales

    Contemporary Wales

    This course provides an accessible and lively social science account of contemporary Wales. It introduces key aspects of the economy, society, politics and culture of Wales, providing a wealth of up-to-date evidence that is organised around core social science concepts and theories, to help you make sense of a changing nation.

  • Design and Build Digital Assessments

    Design and Build Digital Assessments

    Systematic Approaches to Digital Assessment in Further and Higher Education. A practical course focusing on 'soft' issues not covered in most research studies or sources of guidance. Steps through the process of converting an assessment from paper to digital.

  • Essentials of Trade and Prosperity

    Essentials of Trade and Prosperity

    Trade and Prosperity Foundation and Practitioner

  • Political Ordering

    Political Ordering

    This unit discusses ways in which our lives are ordered by the state.  The focus is largely on the question ‘How is society made and repaired?’ But you will also be looking at questions of differences and inequalities. You may find you need to work harder to see the significance of this second key question, but the effort will be worthwhile.

  • Preparing for development

    Preparing for development

    These materials comprise a preparatory pack for the courses U213 International Development: Challenges for a World in Transition and TU871 Development Context and Practice.

  • The long road to Welsh devolution

    The long road to Welsh devolution

    Graham Day, formerly Reader in Sociology at Bangor University and author of Making Sense of Wales (2002) reviews the various stages of constitutional change through which powers have been devolved to Wales from the UK government since the 1990s. He notes how the gradual extension of the powers of the Welsh Government, necessary to provide a workable and settled solution, has been accomplished through a remarkable democratic transition. As emphasis moves now from constitutional reform to the tangible benefits of devolved governance in Wales, he also provides an assessment of some of the achievements of the Welsh Government.

  • Y daith hir tuag at ddatganoli yng Nghymru

    Y daith hir tuag at ddatganoli yng Nghymru

    Mae Graham Day, cyn-Ddarllenydd Cymdeithaseg ym Mhrifysgol Bangor ac awdur Making Sense of Wales (2002) yn adolygu’r camau amrywiol o newid cyfansoddiadol drwy’r pwerau sydd wedi’u datganoli i Gymru gan lywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig ers y 1990au. Mae’n nodi sut mae’r cynnydd ym mhwerau Llywodraeth Cymru, sy’n angenrheidiol i ddarparu ateb ymarferol a sefydlog, wedi’i gyflawni drwy bontio democrataidd rhyfeddol. Wrth i’r pwyslais symud yn awr o ddiwygio cyfansoddiadol at fanteision gwirioneddol llywodraeth ddatganoledig yng Nghymru, mae hefyd yn cynnig asesiad o rai o lwyddiannau Llywodraeth Cymru.

  • Y Gymru Gyfoes

    Y Gymru Gyfoes

    Mae'r cwrs am ddim hwn yn edrych ar y Gymru gyfoes mewn ffordd fywiog a hygyrch drwy ganolbwyntio ar y gwyddorau cymdeithasol. Mae'n cyflwyno agweddau allweddol ar economi, cymdeithas, gwleidyddiaeth a diwylliant Cymru, gan ddarparu cyfoeth o dystiolaeth ddiweddar sydd wedi'i threfnu ar sail cysyniadau a damcaniaethau craidd ym maes y gwyddorau cymdeithasol, er mwyn eich helpu i wneud synnwyr o wlad sy'n newid.

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