Week 1: Thinking about inclusive education


4. What does it mean to be included?

4.2. Experiences of exclusion and inclusion in education

Activity 1.3 Experiences of exclusion and inclusion in education

Allow approximately 20 minutes for this activity.

Watch and listen to the first minute of Frederik Haga from the Kenyan Ministry of Education talking about the new education policy for inclusion in Kenya. He explains his own experience of exclusion from the education system. Once you’ve done this, respond to the question below in your study notebook.


  • What do you think would have helped Frederik Haga to be included in education?

Now read the blog below about Senzo. Senzo was described as having a barrier to learning, but he was included through some simple adjustments to teaching.


  • Again, in your notebook summarise the adjustments that were made to support Senzo’s learning.