Welcome to Inclusive Teaching and Learning


1. Introduction

Welcome to the course Inclusive learning and teaching. Over the next few weeks you will be introduced to the principles and practicalities of inclusive learning and teaching. You can study on your own or with a group of colleagues and are encouraged to practise new approaches in your classroom or in your role as an educator, in a structured and supported way.

This course is for you if you are an educator: a teacher, head teacher, teacher educator, education officer whose role involves supporting teachers, student teacher or school volunteer – or if you just have an interest in inclusive teaching and learning.

We hope that this course will open up possibilities for teaching and give you the confidence to experiment with new approaches. The ideas and tools that it provides will enable you to become more expert in the field of inclusive teaching and learning.

If you have not already done the pre-course survey, please complete it now. This will to help us understand who is taking part in this course, your motivations and your expectations. Thank you for completing this.