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This discussion always appears at top of list Welcome to Inclusive Teaching and Learning24/06/21, 17:28
Jenna-Louise Barkley
124Picture of Kris StutchburyKris Stutchbury
Introduce yourself17/09/21, 10:08
Fo-Koku Woameno
1Picture of Fo-Koku WoamenoFo-Koku Woameno
Introduction22/07/21, 18:27
Farrah Ceballo
2Picture of Janelle JamesJanelle James
Activity: Introduce yourself22/07/21, 18:04
Farrah Ceballo
1Picture of Farrah CeballoFarrah Ceballo
Introducing myself24/06/21, 19:31
Fiona Asal
1Picture of Fiona AsalFiona Asal
Introducing myself24/06/21, 17:30
Jenna-Louise Barkley
3Picture of Eudeane Stewart-SealeyEudeane Stewart-Sealey
Introducing myself23/06/21, 17:53
Merlin Pierre-Holder
1Picture of Merlin Pierre-HolderMerlin Pierre-Holder
Introducing myself19/06/21, 13:22
Kossi Agbogan
1Kéké  Kossi AgboganKossi Agbogan
WELCOME 17/06/21, 21:02
Merlin Pierre-Holder
1Picture of Merlin Pierre-HolderMerlin Pierre-Holder
Introduction14/06/21, 02:16
Mala Maharaj
2Picture of Hellen SangHellen Sang
Being Included14/06/21, 02:11
Mala Maharaj
2Picture of Rejieli KaukionoRejieli Kaukiono
Welcome2/06/21, 13:19
Yesenia Chan
1Picture of Yesenia ChanYesenia Chan
welcome1/06/21, 20:26
Merle Lopez
1Picture of Merle LopezMerle Lopez
welcome26/05/21, 03:28
Maharaj Mala
1Picture of Maharaj MalaMaharaj Mala
Welcome Forum25/05/21, 14:28
Makeda Hudlin
1Picture of Makeda HudlinMakeda Hudlin
Introduction25/05/21, 07:12
Mele Aleamotu'a
1Picture of Mele Aleamotu'aMele Aleamotu'a
Introduction24/05/21, 16:47
1Picture of HENDERSON NgwiraHENDERSON Ngwira
Inclusive teaching21/05/21, 19:11
Mala Maharaj
6Picture of Cathrine OsasoCathrine Osaso
Introduction 21/05/21, 18:58
Mala Maharaj
1Picture of Mala MaharajMala Maharaj
I am here!15/05/21, 22:34
Raymond Obeng
1Picture of Raymond ObengRaymond Obeng

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