Week 4: A toolkit for inclusive teaching and learning


4. Going further

4.1. Resources to support teaching approaches

In Section 3 of this course, you considered the ‘minimum criteria’ for learner-centred education as a tool for analysing teaching. Planning classroom activities that engage learners, promote dialogue and involve all learners, requires practise. In the next activity (Activity 4.4) you will have the opportunity to review some OER which provide guidance in a variety of teaching approaches. Activity 4.5 introduces resources which will help you to apply these approaches in different curriculum subjects. Activity 4.6 introduces resources that specifically support inclusive education.

Activity 4.4 Key Resources

Allow approximately 30 minutes for this activity.

Access the ‘Key Resources’: http://oasis.col.org/handle/11599/3283

  1. Read and make notes on the section ‘Involving all’, pages 4–7 of the document.
  2. Choose two or three other sections to read in detail.
  3. For one of the sections that you chose write a brief review on the Week 4 forum:
    • Name the section
    • Write a sentence to summarise one thing you have learned from this resource
    • In the context of your subject, explain how you could use this idea in a lesson.

I selected ‘pair work’ because it is an easy way to involve all in a large class. I learned some of the different ways of organising pairs. In a maths class I will pair learners who find the work difficult with those who find it easy, so one can help the other.