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Marie Weiel-Potyagaylo Post 1

16 Feb 2020, 18:10

How to choose a suitable journal

Hi all!

I am a PhD student in biophysics in my second year. Last year, I got my first first-author paper published in the open access journal PLoS Computational Biology. It took almost a year from first submission until final publication, which I found rather long at this time as a "fresh" PhD student - until I learned from others that this is quite normal and things even went quite smooth for my paper. In my field, a PhD usually takes 3 years and we are supposed to at least get 2 first-author publications within this period for graduation. Now, I plan to publish my second paper and have to decide for a journal soon. Of course, I watched the "Think, Check, Submit" video. However, I would be very curious to learn about your personal "best practices" on how to decide for a particular journal and how you did this for your papers so far.