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Adam Szaldobagyi

I am a data steward in the University of Debrecen University and National Library.

Agata Rakszewska

I'm a postdoc at Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and Charité in Berlin.
I work in the field of genomics. I'm an Open Science Squirrel.

Alina Schultze-Berndt

I'm a medical student currently doing research in the field of cardiovascular genetics.

Open Science Meerkat

Andrea Mulder

Besides an open science Meetkat, I am currently a MSc student in Nature Conservation. So, I do not yet have a career in science, but consider pursuing a PhD position for after graduation. I have a special interest in wildlife, marco-ecology, rewilding, restoration ecology, and of course in open science, which is why I am here :-)

ORCID: 0000-0002-9072-236X

Andrea Ramnath

I'm a PhD student in Dresden, Germany. My project is in Molecular Virology.

My open science animal is the squirrel.


Andrea Rodak

I'm a technician at the MDC and like to understand the science world.

Andrea Troncoso

Hi, I am Andrea, I am forest engineer. Since I moved to Europe from Chile I’ve been working in EU projects related to RRI and I did find most of the elements of it very relevant but under the umbrella of Open Science I see many more ways to easily relate these topic to differnet publics. I also went to a training last year with Emma and it was very inspiring. My field of work is mainly public engagement and science communication.


Hi all, my name is Antonio, I´m a vet specialized in research on epidemiology and public health, and very interested in open science and FAIR data. Seems I´m an open science meerkat!


Carlos Miguel Marto

Hi, I´m Carlos Miguel Marto and  I am currently a teaching fellow and Ph.D. student at Coimbra University, Portugal.

I graduated in Dentistry, and since then I´ve been improving my education and know-how in cellular and molecular biology, in vitro and in vivo models and evidence-based medicine. 

My main scientific interests are stem cell and regeneration research, dental materials properties, experimental pathology and oral cancer. 

And it seems I´m an open science meerkat. :)


Carlota Farré Díaz

Hi everybody!

I am a PhD student in the field of immunology.


Ceballos-Sandoval A

M.D., Clinical Researcher, & Doctorate in Pharmacology Candidate at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico). 



Project Manager



My name is Elisabeth. I am from Poland.
I am Ph.D student in Pharmacy.



Fieke Molenaar

I am a zoo veterinarian with a strong focus on researching practically applicable topics and sharing them with the wider community. I enjoy teaching and seeing others grasp new concepts, make them their own and think up new approaches.

With regards to an open science animal, I'm a bit of a meerkat, mole and lego unicorn all in one!


I am an open science squirrel !

I am a PhD student in Public Health, from Paris, France



apparently my scientific animal alter ego is an Open Science Mole.
My background is in (Computational) Linguistics and right now I'm working in an Medical Informatics environment.


Fuhai Liu

A master student of Descartes university, yet lived in China, thus a remote learning opportunity is appreciated

Fuhai Liu

A master student of Descartes university, yet lived in China, thus a remote learning opportunity is appreciated



Hi everyone!
I am a future Data librarian, and I am trying to learn and improve my knowledge on Data management, Open Science, FAIR Data and so on.
I did the test and if I were a researcher, I would be an Open Science Meerkat :)

George Cronin

I'm a biological sciences librarian who works with scientists. I'm also doing an Environmental Science degree with the OU!

Apparently I am an Open Science Meerkat which suits me fine!

Ginte Medzvieckaite

I'm a data librarian who is pretending to be a life sciences person, but actually comes from the humanities.

Animal: Open Science MoleGround, Animal, Claws, Blind, Mole

great course

Hi all, 

I am a molecular neuroscientist. :) 

Guillermo del Riego

Former researcher, currently working in the management area of a Biomedical research institute.

Interested in science communication and responsible research and innovation.

Oh, and an Open Science Meetkat, apparently :-)


Iris San Pedro

I am the ORION project manager in ISCIII.

Animal: Open Science Meerkat

Isabel Dorn

Hi, I am Isabel,

I am a specialist for Transfusion Medicine and I am interested in human stem cell biology and red blood cell development.


Iván Martín Hernández

I`m a biotechnologist with a MSc. in computational biology. I`m looking in which field I want to spend my next years doing a Ph.D., so now I'm working in a group with very different topic (metadata) that differ a lot of what I have studied, but helps me to broaden my focus

And I'm an Open Science Squirrel  :-D

ORCID: 0000-0003-4127-6604


Jean-Yves Chatelier

I am an engineer in ICT 

Jennifer Stables

I am a first year PhD student in Australia, with 5 years research experience. I am passionate about creating a positive research environment, which means being open, collaborating, and valuing diversity.

My OrcID is 0000-0002-0728-3686

Although my background is in neuroscience, I am now in an immunology laboratory and am enjoying expanding my knowledge and skill set.

I am an open science meerkat!

João Meetkat Dias

I'm not a scientist 8-o, I'm a Science Manager at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) :-D!

ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0751-873X

John O'Toole

Hi, It would seem I am an open science Meerkat.

I am a biologist (with interests in Mycology and Micro-botany).

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