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This is the Forum for Week 3 "Research Data Management". Here, you can discuss any issues around data management with your peers. Use this forum also for the weekly assignments and activities.

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Making research data plan available?15/01/22, 19:19
Tjark Gall
1Tjark Gall
Research Data Policy9/07/21, 14:05
Kashmiri Lande
1Kashmiri Lande
Consent12/03/21, 08:50
Flora Blangis
1Flora Blangis
Tags: dmp
3/10/20, 18:55
Marja Pirttivaara
1Marja Pirttivaara
Data management - UCD18/07/20, 05:18
Sandeep Chakravartty
3Pamela Kelly
Research data policy13/04/20, 11:36
Isabel Dorn
1Isabel Dorn
Data management challenges16/03/20, 13:39
Andrea Ramnath
1Andrea Ramnath
Data Management Plan15/03/20, 15:37
Merce Ratera
3Andrea Troncoso
Open research data4/03/20, 19:24
Merce Ratera
2Urszula Zdeb
No policies at my place2/03/20, 09:23
Guillermo del Riego
3Guillermo del Riego
Challenges and benefits of sharing research data (Week 3 Forum Part 1)28/02/20, 14:55
Emma Harris
2Marie Weiel-Potyagaylo
Overarching Research Data Management28/02/20, 14:53
Emma Harris
2Andrea Mulder
Challenges and Benefits of sharing data28/02/20, 14:50
Emma Harris
2Andrea Troncoso
Benefits and Sharing of Data and Policies28/02/20, 09:15
Matias Policani Barrios
1Matias Policani Barrios
KIT RDM Policies (Week 3 Forum Part 2)26/02/20, 18:58
Gimeno Antonio
3Marie Weiel-Potyagaylo
Prefer reusing not creating first
Tags: dmp, rdm
25/02/20, 14:45
Emma Harris
2Jean-Yves Chatelier

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