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This is the forum for discussions of Week 2: Publishing & Open Access - Part II

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Pre-registration15/01/22, 19:17
Tjark Gall
1Tjark Gall
Pre-registration9/07/21, 13:02
Kashmiri Lande
1Kashmiri Lande
Prospero12/03/21, 08:38
Flora Blangis
1Flora Blangis
The preregistration is exciting1/10/20, 13:06
Marja Pirttivaara
1Marja Pirttivaara
preregistration and registered reports21/06/20, 18:42
Pamela Kelly
1Pamela Kelly
Preregistration10/04/20, 06:52
Isabel Dorn
1Isabel Dorn
Peer review under COVID Pandemia2/04/20, 16:49
Olatz Arrizabalaga
1Olatz Arrizabalaga
New DMP tool30/03/20, 09:47
Adam Szaldobagyi
1Adam Szaldobagyi
DMP (Data management plan)21/03/20, 11:06
Esther Marin Gonzalez
2Joao Dias
Preregistration16/03/20, 13:37
Andrea Ramnath
1Andrea Ramnath
Preregistration13/03/20, 11:06
Fuhai Liu
4Natalia Kolarz
Sharing more data in clinics4/03/20, 19:20
Merce Ratera
1Merce Ratera
Retrospectively registering2/03/20, 16:39
Florian Scheibein
1Florian Scheibein
Preregistered studies25/02/20, 14:37
Emma Harris
9Ginte Medzvieckaite
Youtube & Pre reg24/02/20, 20:15
Andrea Troncoso
1Andrea Troncoso
Preregistration24/02/20, 13:25
Sandeep Chakravartty
1Sandeep Chakravartty
Preregistration23/02/20, 19:08
Mafalda Laranjo
3Matias Policani Barrios
Preregistration23/02/20, 18:38
Carlos Marto
2Fereshteh Zarebidaki
It seems to be like DMP21/02/20, 10:57
Mireia Tomas
3Jean-Yves Chatelier
Interesting topic21/02/20, 10:54
Mireia Tomas
2Guillermo del Riego

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