Assignment 1: Subject Communication Excercise

What is being communicated about your research in the public?

Please go through the steps outlined below and summarize your findings in a blog post. You don’t have to document the process, but rather we would like you to share your lessons learned in a conversational style blog post. 


Step 1: Start a google search for your area of research.

Go from specific search to broader area, for example search for molecules, processes, etc. For example: If you’re working on the role of CDK2 in cancer progression, you could search for: CDK2 – cell cycle – cancer – cancer treatment. 

Do you think that what you found online, incl. paid ads, featured videos, Wikipedia content etc. does well represent your field and the scientific fact? Did you find anything shocking, misleading, pseudo-scientific? Did you find enough information at all? Is the most factual information in the top search results?

Step 2: Repeat the same search on either Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or Reddit. Do you find the same trends as through google search?

Step 3: Considering what you have found – is something missing? Is there something that you should or could communicate? Jot down your thoughts in this week's course blog.

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