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Pamela Kelly Post 1

23 June 2020, 9:47 PM

FAIR Data concerns

I have a few concerns regarding open and FAIR data

1. We might want to use it in a research paper

One option is to have an automatic or optional embargo; require people to archive their data at the time of creation but it becomes public after X months. You could even give the option to renew the embargo so only things that are no longer cared about become published, but nothing is lost and eventually everything can become open.

2. People will misinterpret the data. 

Be prepared to help and correct such people; those that misinterpret it by accident will be grateful for the help.” From the UK Data Archive: “Producing good documentation and providing contextual information for your research project should enable other researchers to correctly use and understand your data.”

Publishing may actually be useful to counter willful misrepresentation (e.g. of data acquired through Freedom of Information legislation), as one can quickly point to the real data on the web to refute the wrong interpretation.

3. If I ask my respondents for consent to share their data then they will not agree to participate in the study.

Don’t assume that participants will not participate because data sharing is discussed. Talk to them – they may be less reluctant than you might think, or less concerned over data sharing! Make it clear that it is entirely their decision, whereby they can decide whether their data can be shared, independent of them participating in the research. Explain clearly what data sharing means, and why it may be important. But they are still free to consent or not. You can always explain what data archiving means in practice for their data. If you have not asked permission to share data during the research, then you can always return to gain retrospective permission from participants.