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Angela Williams Post 1

9 May 2021, 04:08

Activity 3.5 Minimum criteria and learner-centred teaching

 Dear Colleagues,

The class size comprises of 6 infant learners. The classroom at present was the WhatsApp platform and the lesson was on ‘rhyming words’.

I could have:

Make more use of students’ prior knowledge and understanding

Built on students’ prior knowledge and understanding by sharing and engaging them in familiar nursery rhymes.   

Opportunities for dialogue and considering open questions

Asked the students to identify the rhyming words  as noted in each other presentations by the use of more open-ended questions, such as in Hickory , Hickory duck, the mouse ran up the clock,’ which word rhymed with duck?’ Thus, providing more opportunity to talk and demonstrate their understanding of rhyming words).

Bring the lesson closer to their lives/selves

Provided the opportunity for them to form other rhyming words uses their personal names as the root words, thus help them to develop their thinking skill as it related to them and their peers.

 Dr. A. Williams

Jacqueline Rancharan Post 2 (summarised) in reply to 1

20 May 2021, 16:45
Evaluation is very important. Reflecting on our teaching helps us to improve...
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Eudeane Stewart-Sealey Post 3 (summarised) in reply to 1

2 Jul 2021, 00:38
I like the example with rhyming words. Enjoy your contributions
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Merle Lopez Post 4 (summarised) in reply to 1

10 Jul 2021, 14:28
good examples Angela
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Merlin Pierre-Holder Post 5 (summarised) in reply to 1

13 Jul 2021, 06:47
loves those answers, cannot way to try them with my little ones.
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