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Merle Lopez Post 1

6 Jun 2021, 19:36

Activity 1.7 inclusive principle practice

Ø  How have the activities helped you to understand new ideas?

Looking at the videos and reading the cases studies they reflect real life situations that teachers meet in their classroom. Content given were also reader friendly.

Ø  How has the activities helped you to feel valued and included/

The activities in this week make me feel valued and included as I was able to share my personal feelings about feeling included and excluded. It also brought about great value to me as an educator who uses part of the wave models.

Ø  What has helped you to feel part of a learning community?

Feeling part of a learning community is very important and what has helped me feel this way is the various collaborations that take place between collogues and I and also my interaction with principals, parents, teachers and students from various schools in my district.