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Merlin Pierre-Holder Post 1

23 Jun 2021, 23:07

The Wave model

To me the wave model is  a vital component when one is on the road to create an inclusive school, because of the different models that one use.

In inclusive you cannot use one method to teach because we do not plan for a class but for individuals with different needs., It calls for observation, adaption to teaching and learning, doing research, making apparatus, implementation of different strategies, creating opportunities for group work, as well as working with parents just as the first wave model calls for.

Wave 2 on the other hand calls for more than what the teacher did in wave 1, it involves wave 1 with added strategies.

Such interventions as: working with parents and the community if it lends itself to that, using information on the child collected by the school overtime, using devices and other aids, if the disability requires it, as well as collaborating with colleagues, consulting specialist. This wave goes so far to suggest making adjustment to the classroom or school to accommodate the child, creating the buddy system, creating clubs in the school to foster bond between the child and peers and using the peers to help the child better understand what is being taught.

Wave 3 is more intense, because the child is still not reaching his/her fullest potential. The teacher / the person in charge has to now seek expert help, such as , the  Student Support Division(SSD)  as they will do in my country , these experts will sit with teacher ,parents and child and further investigation will be done and a plan  will be created and recommendations will be put forward  as they move  forward to help that particular child..

Kim Sammy-Yetsam Post 2 in reply to 1

6 Jul 2021, 19:04

The Wave Model

I agree with all that has been said 

But I believe that building a positive inclusive school ethos is important as well and will ease or smoothen the path at least for each level of the wave model to be applied.  If there is no buy-in by the stakeholders it would like pushing up against a rock boulder.  So in essence I am saying infuse the promotion of an inclusive ethos simultaneously with adopting and adapting the wave model into our schools, they work hand in hand