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Merlin Pierre-Holder Post 1

13 July 2021, 3:07 AM


As an ECCE Administrator it is my job to guide and observe teachers, to ensure that best practices when it relates to teaching and learning at the Centres.

 A teacher standing in front the class/ group to do an activity is not meaningfully engaging the children at this level, children must be involved in their learning and if you stand in front of 3-4 years old and talk or conduct demonstration and do not move, you will have lost them, and the activity will become teacher centered. An ECCE teacher must move around to get the children involved, to observe what is happening and to lend support and guidance at that time to them as they engaged in the planned activity.

Moving around the room during that time allows that teacher to observe the children, makes short notes on what he/she observed to find out children's strengths and weakness, so further planning can take place as well as assess the activity.

ECCE children are not quiet children, when one hears meaningful chatter amongst preschoolers one knows that leaning is taking place, when there is silence, one must ask oneself what is going on. Preschoolers are naturally busy in their learning because they ask questions, answers questions, share idea, things will be falling because they are finding outs things on their own, there will be laughter because they are enjoying what they are doing, and it is meaningful to them.