Health Management, Ethics and Research Module: 2.  Management and Leadership in Community Healthcare

Study Session 2  Management and Leadership in Community Healthcare


As a Health Extension Practitioner you may not think of yourself as a manager or a leader, but good management and leadership is a key part of any organisation’s success, including all levels of the health service. You will be expected to play a leading role in managing health resources efficiently and effectively in your local community.

In order to manage the work, people and operation of local health services, Health Extension Practitioners should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies of management and leadership. Knowing key concepts and functions, such as planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling, will be necessary when dealing with the health of your community and all the individuals within it. You will be a leader when it comes to achieving Primary Health Care goals.

In this study session you will be introduced to the key concepts of management and leadership, the levels and roles of management, and the types of leadership that are most important for your healthcare work in the community.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 2