Health Management, Ethics and Research Module: 3.  Planning Health Programmes

Study Session 3  Planning Health Programmes


Planning is an important skill for Health Extension Practitioners because it is a key management function for all healthworkers and health managers. Planning is the process of determining in advance what should be accomplished – when, by whom, how and at what cost.

Regardless of whether it is planning long-term programme priorities or a two-hour meeting, the planning aspect of management will be a major contributor to your success. Stated simply: ‘If you don’t know where you are going, then you won’t know whether you have arrived!’

In this study session you will learn the basic ideas about planning, whether related to a particular task or project, or to your ongoing work. You will study an eight-stage model of the planning process and learn useful techniques for planning and allocating work. You will also learn how to engage individuals, groups, community members and different stakeholders in the planning process.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 3