Health Management, Ethics and Research Module: 5.  Monitoring and Control

Study Session 5  Monitoring and Control


Monitoring and controlling performance is widely accepted as one of the most important managerial functions. In this study session you will learn about the key managerial tasks related to monitoring and control. These include activities and resources that will ensure that your healthcare work is effective in achieving planned objectives and will enable you to better understand the link between planning, implementation and control of your health plans. Monitoring and control of your work will also help you to decide the actions that need to be taken when any deviation from objectives occurs.

In this study session you will explore the factors that need to be considered when setting up an effective system of monitoring and control for your own practice. You will also consider how to monitor and control the volunteers and model families in your community who contribute to the healthcare of your community.

Finally, you will learn how to generate information through observation and the collection of routine statistics and reports, in order to monitor performance against set standards.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 5