Health Management, Ethics and Research Module: 16.  Extended Case Study on Health Management, Ethics and Research

Study Session 16  Extended Case Study on Health Management, Ethics and Research


This final study session is rather different from the previous study sessions in this Module. It is based on one extended case study, which has been designed to help you think more about all the issues that you have been learning about in the rest of the Module. Ethiopia is such a large and diverse country that no single case study can reflect precisely the situation that you will come across in your work as a Health Extension Practitioner. However, the case study that follows includes examples of many of the situations that you will encounter wherever your work takes place. It highlights the work of an imaginary Health Extension Worker called Alemitu, who has to deal with many of the management, ethical and data collection issues that Health Extension Workers and Health Extension Practitioners routinely face in their working lives. In this case study, we focus on health issues relating to immunization of children and parental beliefs about measles. As you go through the session you will see that many of the issues are related to management functions and the final section asks you to consider the case study in this light.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 16