6.1.1  Non-consumables

Non-consumables are items of equipment that can be used for years, but may eventually have to be replaced or updated. Table 6.1 shows the list of equipment issued to Health Posts by the FMOH in 2005 in Kit B, for use by Level-III Health Extension Workers. There may be local differences in the equipment issued to you and new items will be added relating to your greater responsibilities as a Level-IV Health Extension Practitioner (HEP). The list may also change in future in accordance with changing FMOH policies. But Table 6.1 will give you a good idea of what a standard equipment list for your Health Post will be like.

Table 6.1  List of non-consumables in Health Post Kit B, FMOH, 2005.

Catalogue no.Non-consumable itemsNo.
S0481053Thermometer, clinical, digital, 32–43oC2
S0157000Steriliser, steam, 24 litre1
S0170000Stove, kerosene, single-burner, pressure1
S0141020Scale, electronic, mother/child, 150 kg x 100 g1
S0145555Scale, infant, spring type, 25 kg x 100 g1
S0189000Weighing trousers/PAC-51
S0350000Arm, circumference insertion tape/PAC-50 Spec. for Ethiopia1
S0101000Bed, labour/delivery, w/access1
S0630000Flashlight, pre-focused1
S1802212Battery, dry cell, alkaline, D, 1.5 Volt2
S9910005Surgical instruments, dressing, SET1
S9902218Midwifery kit2
S0334700Jug, measuring, 1 litre 1
S0237000Bowl, stainless steel, 180 ml 4
S9975020First Aid Kit A1
U439410Membrane micro-filter, water, small scale, 1EA1
0010089Vaccine carrier, large, capacity 1.5–3.0 litre, PIS Ref:E4/83-M1
0010015Vaccine cold box: Blow Kings Model, PIS E4/76-M 1

In addition, your community members will provide some simple furniture for your Health Post, such as a table, chairs, shelves, etc., like those shown in Figure 6.1.

Figure 6.1  This Health Post near Butajira in the Oromiya Region of Ethiopia has been well equipped with furniture and shelves by the local community members. (Photo: Ali Wyllie)

6.1  What are the supplies at your Health Post?

6.1.2  Consumables