6.1.2  Consumables

Consumables are items that are used within a short period of time, so they need to be regularly replaced. They include all the medicines, drugs, vitamin supplements and infusion fluids (for intravenous use) that you will be trained to give to your patients in specific circumstances, and also the disposable (single-use) items of equipment and other supplies. Table 6.2 shows the list of consumables issued to Health Posts by the FMOH in 2005 in Kit B, for use by Level-III Health Extension Workers. Remember that there may be local differences in what is issued to you and new items will be added relating to your greater responsibilities as a Level-IV Health Extension Practitioner.

Table 6.2  List of consumables in Health Post Kit B, FMOH, 2005.

Catalog no.Consumable itemsNo.
S1555965Paracetamol 500 mg tabs, PACK, 10001
S1550020Ferrous salt + folic acid 60 + 0.4 mg tablets, PACK, 100016
S1561121Oral rehydration salts (ORS), new formula, 1 litre, BOX, 10001
S1555370Albendazole 400 mg tablets/PACK,10010
S1553105Povidone iodine solution 10%, BOTTLE, 500 ml5
S1531505Chlorhexidine conc. sol. 5%, BOTTLE, 1000 ml2
S1510000Tetracycline eye ointment 1%, TUBE, 5 g10
S0330102Gloves, gynaecological, size 7.5, sterile, disposable, pairs100
S0566005Tape umbilical, 3 mm wide × 50 m long, non-sterile4
S0319000Extractor, mucus, 20 ml, sterile, disposable50
S0523055Compress, gauze, 10 × 10 cm, sterile, PACK, 560
S0523005Compress, gauze, 10 × 10 cm squares, non-sterile, PACK, 1005
S0503010Tape, adhesive, ZO (zinc oxide), 2.5 cm wide × 5 m long12
S0519600Cotton wool, 500 g roll, non-sterile10
S552000Soap, toilet, bar, approx. 110 g, wrapped36
S1588350Water purification tablets (NaDCC) 8.5 mg tablets, PACK, 10010
S0330011Gloves, examination, latex, medium size, disposable, BOX, 1005

Note, that as a Level-IV Health Extension Practitioner, when your training is complete you will also be issued with additional consumable items for your Health Post. These higher-level consumables include the oral antibiotic amoxycillin, the injectable drug oxytocin (to help the uterus contract after childbirth), sterile bags of intravenous infusion fluids, and the intravenous tubing, cannulae and other equipment for pre-referral treatment of haemorrhage (e.g. following childbirth or an injury causing excessive bleeding), and the catheter and special tubing for draining urine from the bladder in cases of obstruction during labour and delivery.

  • Look closely at Figure 6.2. Make a list of all the health-related equipment that you can see. Which of these items are consumables and which are non-consumables?

    Figure 6.2  Items on the table in a rural Health Post. (Photo: Basiro Davey)
  • The disposable syringes, the vials on the table and the pen and papers are consumable items. The blood pressure apparatus, stethoscope and the table are non-consumable equipment.

6.1.1  Non-consumables

6.2  Management of equipment