6.2.2  Using an inspection checklist and inspection schedule

How often equipment should be checked depends on its purpose and rate of usage. Long-lasting equipment such as the labour/delivery bed, table and chairs may be checked only once a year. Equipment and machinery that is liable to break down (e.g. refrigerator, steam steriliser) need regular and more frequent check-ups.

It is more efficient to carry out or request maintenance of equipment on a preventative basis, according to your inspection schedule, rather than after a breakdown. A major breakdown can be a sign that the maintenance and servicing programmes have failed.

In summary, a good Health Extension Practitioner managing a Health Post takes care of equipment by instructing and motivating her team of Health Extension Workers and community volunteers to feel responsible for the equipment they use, and for inspecting and maintaining it according to the agreed schedule.

In the next section, we consider your responsibilities for ordering supplies when needed, recording and monitoring stocks efficiently, storing them safely, and controlling their use.

6.2.1  The importance of good maintenance

6.3  Ordering and controlling supplies