13.4.1  What other sources should you consult?

At an early stage in your research it would be a good idea to find out what information is already available about the problem that you are researching, for example in:

  • National guidelines, reference materials and modules developed and distributed by the national or regional health bureaus.
  • Statistics collected at the national, regional, zonal, woreda and kebele level.
  • Community survey data from other kebeles in your district.
  • Reports from university researchers or NGOs.
  • If you were conducting a small-scale research project in your locality about the use of contraception by married couples, what sources might you want to look at as part of your consultation?

  • You may find that there are statistics available in your local health centre, or recent reports written by the Federal Ministry of Health or NGOs specialising in family planning.

13.4  Clarifying your research question

13.4.2  Research objectives