15.4.2  Quota sampling

A quota is a defined number that must be included in a sample. Quota sampling is a method that ensures that a certain number of subjects from different subgroups with specific characteristics appear in the sample, so that all these characteristics are represented. For example, you may think that religion has a strong effect on attitudes toward family planning services, so you decide to include 25% of respondents from each of the four most common religious groups in your area (Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Protestants and Catholics) in your sample.

  • If you suspect that religion might influence use of condoms, then how might you apply quota sampling if you have just three main religious groups represented in the population of your kebele?

  • You would identify the religious groups and include a quota of 33% from each religious group in your sample, so that each group is equally represented.

15.4.1  Purposeful sampling

15.4.3  Snowball sampling