Looking backwards, looking forwards

You have been looking back at your life experiences, or at a period in your life. Lesley’s timeline showed that there are ups and downs, and that a number of factors have influenced her life. While she has control over some things, such as choosing nursing, or choosing to live in Scotland, other factors, like her son’s disabilities or her own back problems, are outside her control.

In the next session you will be looking forward, and exploring factors that influence the choices you might make about your future. It is useful to think about what has influence over you and whether it’s something you can control or not.

Later in the course you’ll think about your support network and what might help or hinder you in achieving your goals. Understanding the things you can change, and the things you have to work around, will help you plan your next steps and find support for achieving them.

To start you thinking about the factors that influence your life, have a look at Figure 2.7. This is a spider diagram (sometimes also called a ‘mind map’) and it is a way of showing connections.

Described image
Figure 2.7 Spider diagram of the main factors in Lesley’s life