Learning points

Look back at Lesley, Scott and Jade’s timelines and learning points in Session 2. Think about all their different experiences as you read through these summaries of their skills and qualities.


  • Organised: juggling a range of caring and parenting responsibilities, part-time work, volunteering and study. Can plan and manage.
  • Communication skills: liaison with a range of education and health professionals to support children’s needs.
  • Knows how to handle stress: has got through difficult times and developed coping skills.


  • Prioritising and time management: supporting brother and dad while studying and volunteering with carers centre.
  • Communication skills: speaking at carers events, advocate for carers.
  • Critical thinking: caring and experience has shown that there are alternative view points, applying college knowledge to caring.
  • Team work: working with young adult carers to campaign for more support for young adult carers in Scotland.


  • Organised: working with young people to organise events and provide support.
  • Initiative: organised own volunteering. Sought and took up opportunities for training and studying.
  • Confidence: taking initiative, making decisions and succeeding means increased personal confidence.
  • Communication skills: working with new people in a volunteering role has shown her that she can get on well with others. Working with young people has helped develop her capability to listen, empathise and mentor.
  • Determination and resilience: she hasn’t let setbacks like leaving college prevent her from making plans and taking action, or accept and complete personal challenges such as a sailing course.

Looking at their timelines and learning points, are there skills and qualities you think could be added to these lists?

Are these skills and qualities that you recognise in yourself?

Carers’ skills and qualities

Thinking about skills and qualities