Activity 3.1

Activity 3.1 Thinking about my skills and qualities

Timing: We suggest spending around 15 minutes on this activity.

Go to Activity 3.1 of your Reflection Log. Once you have completed the activity, make sure you save the document again.

This activity invites you to think about how your experiences highlight the skills and qualities you have developed.

Pick an event or a point in your timeline when you had to take action to resolve something. It could be something to do with caring, your family, your work, or practical issues like housing and money.

If you are not using your Reflection Log use this table [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   to do the activity. Make a list of what you did and then think about what skills you used, and the qualities that you have that may have helped you. These may or may not be the same as those suggested by the carers you’ve read about in this session.

If you are doing this course as part of a group or with a mentor then you can share your answers and discuss your notes with others.

Think about the following questions and make some notes in your Reflection Log or notebook:

  • Did you find that you used some of the same skills that the carers described?
  • Did you discover that you have other skills, maybe some that you were not aware of?
  • Are you now aware of qualities that you have but hadn’t considered before?

Thinking about skills and qualities