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For some of you ‘something for me’ might mean joining a carers group. [See Websites [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   in the Resources section at the end of this course for more information about carers organisations.] For example, the young adult carers in Renfrewshire have a social group that meets fortnightly. They take part in a range of activities, learning together and supporting each other in their caring roles. Joining a support group may just be about having fun with people who understand the challenges in your life.

Clair, a young adult carer in Renfrewshire, comments about what she gains from being part of the young adult carers group.

Everyone needs a break from their emotions, you know just to kind of sit and have a laugh and a chat with someone, get it all out, you know.

Listen to young adult carers Clair, Jade and Scott talking about how they support each other.

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Are you thinking about taking up something that’s ‘just for me’? Perhaps you would like to join a group, meet new friends, or study something that’s just for you.

Choosing something completely different