Activity 6.3

Activity 6.3 My support network

Timing: We suggest spending around 15 minutes on this activity.

Go to Activity 6.3 of your Reflection Log. Once you have completed the activity, make sure you save the document again. Alternatively, use this document [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   we have provided.

Try drawing your own spider diagram to illustrate the support you already have and what other support might also be available.

You can use the online tool or you can do this with pen and paper if you prefer (see Activity 2.2).

If you think you’ll need further support to achieve your goals, find out who can help you. Discuss your ideas and plans with the important people in your life. Check the list of websites given in the Resources section of this course, noting the details of any organisation you will ask for help.

Then, if you want to, share and discuss your diagram with your mentor or if you are working through the course with a group the others in your group.

If you are doing this course as part of a group or with a mentor then you can share your answers and discuss your notes with others.