You have now completed Session 7. This session focused on how to create an action plan and it helped you review your learning. Session 8 asks you to reflect on what you have learned from journeying through this course.

To consolidate your reflective learning on this part of the course you may like to complete the following quiz, which was inspired by the Action Plan Tool available from the National Careers Service [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] website.

To build on Activity 7.1 you may want to use this tool for yourself, as it will help you to produce a detailed action plan for what you might want to do.


To conclude this part of the course and consolidate your learning you may like to complete the final quiz. If you wish to gain a digital badge, you must achieve 40% or more in this quiz.

This quiz provides evidence that you are achieving the following learning outcomes:

  • a clearer understanding of the experiences that carers could reflect on, including their roles, actions and decisions
  • an understanding of the various skills that could be developed within a caring role, and how some of these are transferable to other contexts
  • an appreciation of personal qualities developed through a caring role
  • an idea of the directions carers might like to go in
  • an idea of what it is possible for carers to achieve in their immediate future
  • an understanding of the learning options open to carers
  • an idea, or ideas, about possible learning paths
  • as a learner, how to go about finding out what you need to know
  • the ability to use information technology (IT) to carry out reflective activities in writing and communicating
  • the ability to use the internet to find information useful to you
  • the ability to explore and use new ways of expressing ideas.

If you need a reminder about the quizzes and the criteria for getting a badge, visit How to complete the course quizzes.

Session 8: What I’ve learned