Activity 8.1

Man looking thoughtfully into laptop screen
Figure 8.4

Your final activity is to summarise what you have gained from completing this course. What have you learned about yourself, your experiences and your hopes for the future?

Activity 8.1 So what have I learned?

Timing: We suggest spending around 20 minutes on this activity.

Here are the learning outcomes that we listed in the introduction:

  • a clearer understanding of the experiences that carers could reflect on, including their roles, actions and decisions
  • an understanding of the various skills that could be developed within a caring role, and how some of these are transferable to other contexts
  • an appreciation of personal qualities developed through a caring role
  • an idea of the directions carers might like to go in
  • an idea of what it is possible for carers to achieve in their immediate future
  • an understanding of the learning options open to carers
  • an idea, or ideas, about possible learning paths
  • as a learner, how to go about finding out what you need to know
  • the ability to use information technology (IT) to carry out reflective activities in writing and communicating
  • the ability to use the internet to find information useful to you
  • the ability to explore and use new ways of expressing ideas.

Make a note of the learning outcomes that you think you have achieved, either fully or partially. Also write down anything else you feel you have achieved that was not in them, such as making some new friends, learning that everybody has difficulties of some kind, etc.

Go to Activity 8.1 of your Reflection Log to complete the activity, making sure you save the document again. Or you can complete the table in the document provided [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] .