Session 1

Activity 1.1

Activity 1.1 Roles and responsibilities

Timing: Time: 15–20 minutes

The examples of Jade, Janet and Dean show how we have different roles in life. In fact we all have many roles in which we use a variety of skills and abilities. Encourage the group to think about their own skills and abilities. This can be done as a group activity or as a prompt for online discussion.

You could use magazines or the internet for text and images that illustrate carers’ roles and responsibilities and compile them into a collage or montage. You could also do this activity online as a wiki, which can be added to and edited by all the members of the group to form a picture of their various roles and responsibilities.

Table 1 Roles and responsibilities

My main roles in lifeWhat I do
Write your comments here.Write your comments here.

Ask the learners the following questions, which can be discussed in a group:

  • Do you have roles and responsibilities that are similar to those of Jade, Janet or Dean?
  • Carers often describe juggling and balancing a number of different roles. Is that an experience you’re familiar with?
  • Have you got goals you’d like to achieve?

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