Activity 1.2

Activity 1.2 Thinking about myself

Timing: Time: Depending on the size of the group and their enthusiasm, you could allow 20–40 minutes for this activity (excluding reflection time)

This activity can be done first as a personal reflection, using the table provided in the Reflection Log. Learners could then bring it back to the group for discussion. Alternatively, learners’ thoughts could be represented visually and this could be done after the reflection, as part of a group.

One idea is to create a mood or a vision board. This can be a fun and creative way for learners to get insight into their thinking. Before the session, you will need to gather (or ask learners to bring) a range of catalogues, magazines and newspapers, some scissors, glue, coloured paper, maybe even some glitter!

Encourage them to flick through the magazines until they see images or words that catch their attention. They can cut or tear out that page, gathering pictures and words that summarise their thoughts. Sometimes a creative activity can release thoughts or ideas that people find difficult to put into words.

Someone cutting pictures out of a magazine to create a montage
Figure 5 Creating a montage

Arrange the images into a collage, creating a record of the learners’ feelings or their ambitions – whatever they choose to show. You can create a group display, or learners may prefer to take their collage home and put it somewhere prominent to give them a visual reminder of their ideas.

Montage of nature and children
Figure 6 A finished montage