Activity 2.4

Activity 2.4 Learning from my experience

Timing: Time: 10–15 minutes

Learners can look at the timelines they created in Activity 2.2 and think about the skills and qualities they have gained from their experiences. They can add their learning points to the timeline, perhaps using a different colour.

Learners may prefer to do this activity alone, but you can invite them to share and discuss their learning points with the group if they feel comfortable doing this. Remind them to save their timeline if doing this activity online.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Looking over the ups and downs, does it help you to recall how you felt at each point?
  • What did you learn from each situation?
  • Perhaps you found out more about yourself and your ability to just keep going: qualities such as resilience, adaptability or reliability?

If working as a group, learners may choose to share and discuss their learning points with others.

Described image
Figure 9 Scott’s timeline with learning points added