Session 5

Activity 5.1

Social media buttons on a keyboard
Figure 11

Activity 5.1 Using the computer to explore ideas

Timing: Time: 20–30 minutes

If the learner you are supporting is focused on returning to work, you may want to give this activity a significant amount of time to fully explore their ideas and options. If that is not their main aim, carers may choose to do this individually or not at all. Using IT can help build learners’ skills and confidence as they research and explore ideas.

The job profiles in the list below come from the National Careers Service job profiles [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] web page. Ask carers to select two job profiles that they may be interested in, and explore the information given for each. Ask them to look for information on:

  1. The entry requirements for their chosen job profile.
  2. Two skills that are required for their chosen job profile.

Make a note of any points that particularly interest or surprise the group. Discuss the answers that they come up with. Looking back at previous activities in their Reflection Log (such as 3.1), compare some of the skills and qualities required for the jobs with the skills and qualities that carers have identified in themselves. Ask learners to keep notes from this activity to help them set goals in the next session.