Session 6

Activity 6.1

Activity 6.1 Clarifying my goals through visualisation

Timing: Time: 20–30 minutes

This can be done by carers individually in their Reflection Log or you can facilitate a creative visualisation session with the group.

Give learners some time to visualise themselves in the future. Where are they? What are they doing? Allow them scope to consider that there are possibilities open to them. What are their hopes and plans for the future?

A good way to do this is to create a picture of what that future might look like: either by drawing a picture, a diagram or a word cloud, or by creating a montage of images and words. Provide plenty of newspapers and magazines for carers to use to find images and text. If they are more comfortable with words, they can also write a story. Remind them to keep their work for later use.

Montage of a possible future life
Figure 12