Activity 6.2

Activity 6.2 Thinking about my goals: factors that might help or hinder me

Timing: Time: 15–20 minutes

Referring to their notes for Activity 6.1 and using the table in the Reflection Log as a template, ask learners to list in the first column of the table the factors that will help them. In the second column they should list the factors that might give them difficulties as they try to achieve their goals.

In the first column they could include, for example, that they:

  • are well organised
  • have time available
  • communicate well
  • have enthusiasm.

In the second column, as well as their caring responsibilities, they might include:

  • financial issues
  • time constraints
  • transport difficulties
  • qualification gaps or no qualifications.

Table 5 Factors that might help or hinder me

Positive factorsPossible difficulties
More time availableLack of time
Good healthPoor mental health, poor physical health
Communication skillsUnpredictability of caring role
FlexibleNo childcare
ResilienceLack of confidence
AdaptabilityLack of transport
Knowing what I want to doI don’t know what I want to do
MaturityNo space to study
Ability to manage and juggle different activitiesFinancial worries
Supportive employerInflexible employer
Open to try new thingsDon’t know where to go for help
Good support networkLack of support networks – family live far away