Activity 6.3

Activity 6.3 My support network

Timing: Time: 15–20 minutes

This would work well as a group activity.

Having explored the different factors that might help or hinder carers achieve their goals, and listened to the carers on the course discuss the support they have accessed, break into small groups of 3–5. Provide each group with flip-chart paper and pens in different colours, or they can use an online tool like [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] .

Go to and click on Learn more – this will show you how to get started. This online tool can be used for free but requires you to sign up for a free account. (This is not an Open University website and the OU is not responsible for third party websites such as this or the information you choose to share with them.) If you prefer not to use, or any other online tools, don’t worry – pen and paper will do just as well!

Described image
Figure 13 My support network

Each group should draw a spider diagram with ‘carer’ in the centre. Using one colour, illustrate the support the carers already have in their lives with a ‘leg’ for each source of support. This might be from family and friends, from social services, at work or from the carers centre. Using a different colour, add other sources of support that might also be available. Finally, discuss support that isn’t currently available but might help the learners to achieve their goals. Add these ideas in a different colour.

As a group, discuss the ideas for further support. Using the list of websites given in the Resources section of this course, try to identify sources of support that learners could access to help achieve their goals.

Spider diagram
Figure 14 Spider diagram of carer’s support network