Session 7

Activity 7.1

Activity 7.1 My long-term goal and first next step

Timing: Time: 15–20 minutes

Carers can complete this activity individually, but if you are working in a group they may want to share and discuss their plan. If you are working with a carer on a one-to-one basis, you might choose to spend some time discussing the plan together.

Have a look at Jade’s goals in Session 7. Using the table in the Reflection Log as a template, encourage the carers to think about where they are trying to get to and what they need to do to get there, starting from now and where they are at the moment. It might be useful for them to review their earlier notes from the activities in Session 6.

Having completed the table, encourage learners to think about the first step they could take to achieve their goals. This could be something small, such as ‘Look at free online courses on Open Pathways to Higher Education [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] ’ or it could be something more challenging like ‘Talk to the social work department about getting some time away from my caring role’.

You could ask learners to write their first step into their Reflection Logs. Or you could do this as a group, with each learner adding their first step to a comment board or flip chart using a post-it note or card in the shape of a footstep.

Table 6 My first step

The first step I am going to take …
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